Entrance, Hallway & Stair Gallery

Entrance, Hallway & Stairs – Your Impressive Design.

An introduction to the interior of your home is embodied within the impact of the first encounter at the entrance. Together from the ensemble of the foyer, and from the hallways towards the main stair case, a rhythm and movement is established, such rhythm flows through to other areas within your home. The impression one has of your approach to design stems from an initial encounter with these spaces. There are a myriad of possible designs for these important rooms and functions, and your extraordinary vision will be achieved by means of collaboration with some of the region’s finest design and crafts-people. And in bringing these creative people together for you, Brenmar will assemble those who are committed to craftsmanship in your home. Please view some of our Entrances, Hallways & Stair Cases within our Design Gallery, or contact us to begin creating your new home.