Exterior Gallery

Exterior – A Witness to Within.

The solidity, scale and grandeur of your home is evident from the design you create for its exterior. The exterior informs observers of so much that is unique and personal about your design. And from a practical standpoint, like the interior components, the components that make up the building envelope also sustain the home for years to come. The construction of your custom home must function to not only complement its design, but also to sustain the building from the elements, from wind and weather, and extremes of heat and cold. Also for the exterior, undoubtedly you have ideas for outdoor living spaces. Should you foresee the design of a solarium, a summer kitchen, an outdoor fireplace area, or in the design of a pool house, these spaces can comprise the impressiveness of your custom home. Please view some of our Exteriors within our Design Gallery, or contact us to begin creating your new home.